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The On-Ramp for the Road to Fame??


Oh God!  How quickly the righteous fall.  I can’t believe that I got talked into it but I was.  Yesterday, we took Milo to an open call for a modeling agency.  Yup.  I can’t believe it either.

It all began a few weeks back when a colourful add in our very local newspaper asked the fatal question “Do people ever say that your kids should be on TV?”  Now, when I read it, I recoiled from the ad as if I’d found maggots in the garbage.  My next instinct was to hide the ad under the maggots in the garbage because I knew that I’d get no rest if it was found.  So I slid the paper into a pile of recycling and hoped for the best.  Just the fact that I am writing this post shows that I’d done the equivalent of smearing it in bacon grease and peanut butter,  hoping that the dog would ignore it.  It was found in seconds.

I hummed and hawed during the intervening weeks, all the while knowing that the lobby for the advancement of Milo’s fame was going to win out.  I had visions of mobs of child beauty pageant promoters and other less savory elements checking out my kids.  I was pretty certain that there’d be clusters of perverts just looking for a chance to ship my son off to a Thai brothel on the promise of a great working vacation.  And everywhere hordes of screaming hockey-mom equivalents flogging their kid’s merits and shattering the self-esteem of rival kids out of the sides of their mouths. Oh the humanity!

So we dressed Milo carefully and for the twenty minute trip to the event, I reiterated the stern warning that we were only going for information.  Nothing else.  We would sign nothing, be separated for no reason and certainly, no one was to say anything that might be construed a binding contract.  The contravention of any of these rules would be strictly punished and the transgressor would wish they’d been shipped to a Thai brothel! (and not one of the nice ones!)

It was almost a let down to end up in room with only a few other families to hear a very established modeling agency discuss some opportunities that may be possible, to hear some of the challenges faced by families with high hopes and to have no hard sell at all.  I was pretty relieved but that secret part of me that watches Jerry Springer from time to time was disappointed.

So we got exactly what I’d demanded.  Some info and no promises were made.  This thing may work out, I just don’t know.  But enjoy your existing photos of Milo because all future pictures will have royalties attached.


Author: theresultsmayvary

Civil Servant Dad is a Gen-Y married father of 2 kids. He blogs about the perils, ethical and moral quandries and downright crazy challenges faced in raising them.

2 thoughts on “The On-Ramp for the Road to Fame??

  1. Need more .. I’m becoming a junky of yours!!!

  2. I once considered taking eldest daughter to one of those – she was 4 at the time – woman on the phone said 4 was a difficult age – she needed to be able to be in a room without you, give her name and confidently answers questions about her life. I tested her – “What’s your name” “Princess Fairy Angelina”, “Where do you live?” “In a beautiful castle”, “Do you want to be a model?” “No I want to flyyyyyyyy”. We didn’t bother going.

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