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U-6 Niagara Sky Blue vs. U-6 Niagara Orange

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Under-dog Sky Blue soccer team sliced the division leader Orange team tonight in a humiliating 7-3 defeat.  Sky Blue had been forced to play a double header today and had been frustrated by 2nd ranked U-6 Maroon earlier in a 2 – nil defeat.  Sky Blue’s victory was led by Twin Boy #1 who scored a crushing 4 goals and assisted by Twin Boy #2 who had his own 2 goals.  In a surprising twist, Tall Quiet Goalie gave up his usual spot and scored the final goal.  Twin Girl #1 and #2 shared goal tending duties and maintained good focus while most of the action was in the opposition’s half.  The score was nearly 8 – 3 but #7 Girl with the Same Name as Twin Boy #2 missed a penalty chance.  She did however put in a fantastic effort defending against her counter part Orange’s #7 Really Fast Girl.  Really Fast Girl was held to a single Orange goal tonight and was openly frustrated almost earning a yellow card for pushing.  Sky Blue’s #10 Coach’s daughter (Maya) assisted on several goals and unfortunately was taken off in the final minutes of the game after turning her ankle.  She will miss no future games and was healed by the promise of some chips when she got home.  Notable mentions go out to Sky Blue’s 8 inches Shorter Than The Other Kids Girl and Equally Short But Fast Boy for playing a strong pressing game against the opposing relative giants.  Sky Blue Coach (Me) is super pleased with today’s outcome and equally pleased that he didn’t need the defibrillator after running the pitch for 2 consecutive games.

I love coaching kids soccer.



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