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Thanks to Moms on Mother’s Day

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This is just a quick post to say thanks to my mom and my mother-in-law on their special day.  Both of you have given so much to our family and to me.  To celebrate you properly here are 3 things I appreciate about you.








My Mother-in-Law: (photo on left w/ Milo)

  • I’ve learned about fairness.  And that’s why each of you gets 3 points each
  • You never grumble at 7am, when I have a sick kid to drop off
  • You’re a hell of a lot of fun to play euchre with

My Mom: (photo on the right w/ Maya)

  • You nurtured my life long appreciation of whiskey
  • You always opened up our home to anyone and everyone I ever brought home, sometimes in a large group
  • You taught me to cook and that’s one of the biggest reasons that my wife married me


Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms out there.



Author: theresultsmayvary

Civil Servant Dad is a Gen-Y married father of 2 kids. He blogs about the perils, ethical and moral quandries and downright crazy challenges faced in raising them.

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