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Dark Lord – a short book review

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My wife is always looking for something new to read to her Grade 3/4 class and one of her colleagues recommended Dark Lord by

Jamie Thomson.

dark lord

Never quite sure how parents take these sorts of titles (aka how to avoid torches and pitchforks), she asked me to preview it.  I loved this book.  It is the story of the Dark Lord who in the midst of a battle is cast out of his plane and into modern England.  On top of that, he ends up in the powerless body of a Grade 7 boy.  Appalled and terrified by his circumstances, he plots to gather a group of minions around him and hatches plans to take over the world.  The kids around him think he’s crazy but harmless and he eventually gathers his court.

The writing is fresh and will appeal to kids from eight years and up.  It is fast paced and witty.  Thomson works hard to describe the world as seen by the Dark Lord.  There is a second book that follows this one but to describe the plot would be too much of a spoiler of the ending for this one.  Get out and read this.


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