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IMTA Log: Getting to NYC

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One in the morning came right on time today according to my watch, however if Milo’s level of anticipation is a measure of time then 1am arrived about 10 hours late.  Kid is so wired I don’t know if he will sleep once while we’re in NYC let alone today.  There has been a massive thunderstorm going on for several hours and I’ve enjoyed watching X-Men and X-Men 2 while waiting for the right time to leave for the train station.  My wife has made about 6 attempts to sleep, each time disappearing into the bedroom for a while and then coming back out more frustrated than the last time.  But none of that matters now since 1 am has arrived and we are leaving for Buffalo train station.

The torrential rains escort us all the way to the US border and we spend the usual amount of time convincing Milo that today is not the day we want anal searches for the whole family.  And as usual, he finds our efforts incredibly amusing and cause to tease us with more and more horrible ideas for border chat.  We pass through the border with our virginity intact Thank God!  Trusting the GPS to lead us to the Depew station, we tour the outskirts of Buffalo on this dark, rainy night.  Now here’s where caution turns to folly.  We get to the station by about 2 am.  The train is scheduled to leave at 4:35 am and things don’t look too comfortable.  Oh well… it’s not that long until 4:35 am.

It seems that the rains that failed to trouble us did trouble someone.  Our train.  Niagara Falls, NY got flooded out and lost power.  The train is now expected to arrive sometime around 6:30 am.  That’s a real kick in the morale.  The next several hours was spent watching Milo pace and agonize over the late train, the large over-indulged family wearing path to the vending machines until someone makes a McDonald’s run and the hoola-hoop toting wedding goer’s cleavage playing peek-a-boo as she tried to lay down across 3 chairs.  Frankly, it was all so sad that I’m ashamed to even be writing about it.

Finally, about 7 am, we board Amtrack train 280 and leave for NYC.  With a bit of sleep and a snack later, I expect we’ll be ready to storm the Big Apple.  Travelling west on this train, I’m looking out at the back side of small town America and I can’t help but wonder how many other people have sat on similar trains headed for NYC thinking that they’re leaving all this behind and heading towards fame and glory.  We’ve joined a special club, I think.


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