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Saving Bunnies

While Maya and I had breakfast this morning, we were interrupted by the screaming of an animal in agony.  Leaping up and racing out to the back patio, we saw Riley with a baby bunny in his mouth.  To be specific, Riley had the poor lapine by the nuts.  It was dangling head down from his jaws with both back legs sticking up on either side of his head screaming like the damned.  I was so proud of Maya, she didn’t freak out or go crazy.  She just stared at natural selection going on 3 feet in front of her.  On the other hand, I lurched out the door in my underwear to chase the freakin’ cat and save poor Thumper.  Riley immediately realized that his triumph was about to be taken from him.  He bolted.  I directed Maya to circle around and cut off his escape route.  She bravely assisted in cornering the carnivorous cat and I was able to grab him and begin applying the jaws of life to his teeth.  I was relieved to see poor little Thumper race from the yard, under the fence and as far as I can figure, over the US border.  It was only then that Maya started to cry.  “Don’t worry, love.”  I said. “You were a hero.  We saved that bunny’s life.”

Later on the way to work, I thought, “Shit, I should have taken a picture first.”  But then I realized what an asshole that would make me and was pleased that I had no photo to offer on this post.