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New Tool of Torture


Do your kids drive you mad in the car?  Bickering getting to you?  Well, I just bought 4 fantastic new discs that spell payback all in capital letters.  Amnesty International released Chimes of Freedom – The Songs of Bob Dylan.

Now, I confess that I am a huge Dylan fan.  I’d likely buy a CD of trained donkeys braying out the tunes from Blood on the Tracks.  But that’s just me.  But Amnesty got singers from every genre to play their favourite Dylan songs in their own ways.  Miley Cirus’s version of You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go is already on Much Music’s Top 20 videos.  But the host of other artists are all amazing in their own ways.  Imagine such gems as:

  • Diana Krall               Simple Twist of Fate
  • Lenny Kravitz         Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
  • Maroon 5                  I shall be released
  • Kesha                          Don’t think twice it’s alright
  • Sting                            Girl from the north country

But despite the fact that my kids request their favourites from my Jimmy Buffett collection, put in the Dylan songs and their faces twist in horror.  Watch them cringe to the question “Would you like to hear Adele sing a song you’ve never heard?”  It is joy to the parent that learned to drive while Barney DVDs were played full volume in the back seat.  It is great.  There is guaranteed an artist that you kids love singing on this CD and you can show them that everyone respects Bob.  So should they.