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A Parent’s Review of a Fashion Fundraiser

Milo’s modeling/talent agency participates in an annual fund raising event put on my Club Roma here in the Niagara area.  It was pretty exciting that Milo was chosen to be one of the kids in the show.  So of course as good parents, we bought tickets for Maya and ourselves to attend.  I’ve got to say that I have no problem dropping $150.00 to support breast cancer screening but I can’t help but think that we made out like bandits.  It was one of the most exciting evenings I’ve spent in a long time.

The Geoffrey Chapman Agency brought out 65 models, including about 20 kids aging from infants to teens, and put on an incredibly edgy and entertaining show.  They used acrobats to walk amongst the models, flipping, jumping and even walking on their hands all the while holding signs identifying the shops that sponsored the show.  I had dropped Milo off about 1 in the afternoon and the show began just after 9pm.  They must have practiced for hours and it really showed because I couldn’t see a single misstep.  How they ever sat on 20 kids and another 45 models for 8 hours I have not idea.  I don’t like to sit on my 2 kids for even half an hour!

The meal was really superior.  It started with a traditional antipasto plate, then fresh made lasagna.  This was followed by a super stuffed chicken breast, rosemary roasted potatoes and a tossed greens salad.  The dessert was red velvet cake – which I didn’t know had cream cheese icing until I took that first succulent bite.  I ate it all and some of Maya’s.  And I hate dessert generally.

It would not be right to finish without some praise for Maya.  She sat and ate through a 3 hour dinner with no fuss.  It was an amazing feat for a 5 year old and I didn’t mind the 27 trips to the bathroom.  The exercise helped work off some of the cake.

Here’s a photo of Milo on the catwalk.