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A Short Note of Thanks… and Sorry… and Explaination

It has been almost 3 months since I last posted.  I’m determined to get things back on track and the only way to start is to say thank you.  I can’t believe that despite having written nothing over the past quarter I’ve still had 153 views.  In fact, that may be one of the biggest motivations to get back to writing.  It has been a real source of support that people seem to enjoy what I write.

The past few months have been particularly difficult.  An unholy combination of work stress, mental health issues and physical health problems left me pretty much without the ability to find anything funny.  The largest shoe in the gears has been finally diagnosed as an inner ear issue that leaves me feeling dizzy most of the time.  Now that I can discount brain tumour, my face has seen a few more smiles.  Of course, I won’t get to see an ear specialist until October but perhaps that is fodder for a future post.

Once I stopped writing, I started to avoid looking at other people’s posts too.  I felt too guilty about not writing to feel I deserved to read other people’s creative work.  So I am sorry that I have not kept up with all of the blogs that I had been following.

It is enough I think in this post to say thank you once again to everyone, to promise to write more and to express how sorry I am that I left this important instrument alone for so long.