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Ready to Hit IMTA New York 2013

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Ready to Hit IMTA New York 2013

Here are Milo and I showing off our real Canadian look getting ready for IMTA New York.

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A Shout Out to Great Parenting Under Pressure

I need to send praise and support where it is due.  When I heard this story, I was humbled by the grace under trying circumstances that forced my sister’s family to a hard decision.

My sister had a dog named Emma, who was one of the most beautiful animals I’ve ever had sit on my lap.  Emma was a Vizsla.  Last summer, she got an infection and after much difficulty and anguish, my sister let the vet take Emma’s eye out.  There was always a chance that she’d have more problems but Emma transitioned into a pirate dog quite nicely.  A few weeks ago, Emma started to show symptoms that she was having difficulty with her good eye.  Trips to the vet led to arguments between my sister and Emma’s doctor about what was going on.  Until one night Emma lost her vision totally.  My sister and her husband gave the dog the dose of emergency drugs that had been kept on hand for just this eventuality and in the morning, Emma could see again.  That day, the vet was no longer doubting.  My sister was told she needed to prepare for the fact that the dog was going to lose her remaining eye, if not now then in the very near future.  Tough decisions needed to be made.

So my sister bundled Emma into the car and got her family together at home.  She has 2 kids, aged 12 and 8 respectively.  They had a long, tearful conversation about what would be best for Emma.  They talked about how hard life would be for her to be blind and about how they would care for her.  They explored how they felt about losing a beloved companion and about fairness and quality of life.  As a family, they made the heart wrenching decision that comes to every pet owner at sometime.  They decided that it was time to say goodbye to Emma.

The kids got to say their goodbyes at home and my sister and her husband took the dog back to the vet.  My sister laid down with her Emma and held her until she was gone.  And then they went home alone.

I want to reach out with this post and say how much I admire not just my sister’s courage to make such a hard decision.  But, I admire that she took the time to help her family come to the decision as a group and I admire the grace that led them to ultimately decide to be unselfish… to have the empathy to know that their sadness and grief was small beside the suffering poor Emma would go  through blind.

This post is my bear hug to them.

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Party Boy

From time to time, being the father of an aspiring actor makes me look back at how I handled various social situations.  I try to keep in mind that Milo is ten and compare what I was like and how I acted to how he is.  I am noticing more and more that this is a very humbling practice.  I was pretty out going and confident as a kid but but the words to describe me aren’t even on the same page that Milo is classified on.

Here is a fine example.  After the Performance Festival on Saturday, we went to a party hosted by a colleague of my wife.  We knew her and her family but pretty much no one else there.  As soon as we arrived, Milo interrupted my raid on someone’s beer cooler (I’d been unable to bring anything) complaining that he didn’t know anyone.  As I cracked open my newly acquired ice cold craft beer, I said to Milo, “For God’s sake, Milo.  You’re an actor.  You should have no problem meeting new people.  Just get going.”  I wasn’t even a quarter of the way through my beer when I noticed him with a really attractive young girl.  She was grinning like


a fool listening to him chat her up.  It was an odd chance that she was exactly his age, just a foot taller than him, in the same grade and looking for a friend to hang with.  They spent the evening attached at the hip and I was tickled to have Milo run up to me later in the evening to ask me what his cell number was since his new friend really wanted his number.  The bunch of guys that I was socializing with looked at me, looked at Milo and one guy says “Wow.  Your kids is really something.  He is so… confident.”  “Yeah,” I replied, “I plan to get a condom welded on him when he turns twelve.”  We all laughed but I think inside we were all thinking that none of us ever got a girl to ask for our number at his age.

One thing is certain about going to a party with Milo.  He’ll know everyone at the party before you are on your second drink.  People always comment that it freaks them out when he laughs at adult sarcasm and then can give as good as he gets.  I’m almost afraid to take him to New York City.  What are we in for??

(Photo of Milo and new friend sitting on a wall looking at his drama award.)

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My Unfortunate Dealings with the Tooth Fairy

Milo’s had quite the run on teeth this week.  In fact, he’s lost 3 molar.  And no, his only diet does not consist of toffee, Coke and Count Chocula cereal.  It’s just that time in a boy’s life


when your jaw needs to make room for new chompers.  There is one teeny, tiny problem.  Milo no longer believes in the tooth fairy.  He told me quite frankly not long ago he found it quite suspicious that the tooth fairy stored his old teeth in a decorative container a top his bookshelf.  He also made it known that he doubted the truthfulness of his mother’s insistence that the tooth fairy gave the teeth back to moms to treasure.  Milo has been quite appreciative of the contributions the tooth fairy made to his wallet however and he let it be known that it was fine for that part to continue on.

When the first tooth came out, I was quietly informed that I’d best leave a token beside his bed so his sister didn’t get disillusioned.  There went $2 bucks.

When the second tooth came out, I was reminded that his sister was a true believer and I’d best keep it that way.

When the third tooth came out, he went into my wallet and took out $5 bucks and let me know I was getting off easy if I didn’t want him to wreak everything for his sister and now I didn’t need to get up in the night to hide the money.  He was helping me really save on sleep.  Thanks.

So nice to be blackmailed by the tooth fairy.  Keep dreaming those dreams kids!

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Grammar Lesson

It was a lovely outdoor dinner.  Burgers, hot dogs and beer after a long hard day working in the yard.  In the middle of it all, Maya asked “Mom, do you say that fucking fly landed on dad?”  Despite the fact that I was studying my meal intently, I felt the laser beam glare from my wife almost knock me from my chair.  Seems casual swearing is my area of parental supervision.

“Maya, you shouldn’t talk like that”  I responded.

“But, is it right to say… that fucking fly landed on dad or do I say that fly landed on fucking daddy?” she queried.

“You shouldn’t be saying that at all.  But since you asked, if it’s the fly that’s bothering you then the fucking fly is correct grammar.” I instructed, “if it was me that was bothering you, then it would be the fly landed on fucking daddy.”

You can’t leave kids in ignorance.  Can you?

This is my 100th post.


True Story ends in Bad Joke

On the way home from singing lessons, Maya asked me, “Dad, can people talk when they are in Heaven?”  “To each other, I suppose.  But not to people who are still alive.” I responded.  “So, then Michael Jackson can talk to God, ‘cuz he’s dead?” she queried.  “Yup.” I said.  I was really thinking, “but God would tell him to Beat It!”