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ParaNorman – The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Movie

Can you really say anything bad about a movie where the zombies are trying to right an ancient wrong and common citizens are the real monsters?  We saw ParaNorman last night and it was awesome.  The creativity and vision that went into crafting this movie raised it to a new level.

I am so into rooting for the underdog.  I just love it when stereotypes are set on their heads.  The lumbering zombies wander into town and the panicked citizen set upon them like wolves on a wounded deer.  Seeing the terror on those zombie faces when the crowd starts picking up everything that can be used as a weapon and begins their rampage is priceless.

Maya loved the beginning sections and I suppose in a somewhat perverse way, I was heartened by her booming laughs echoing in the theatre while Norman tries to pry the ancient book from his dead uncle’s hands.  If you can’t see the humour in a little bit of indignity to a corpse then you need to lighten up.

Ok, the climax of the movie was pretty intense but it really did portray how the victim can become the tormentor just to execute what they think is justice.  Maya was a little scared but thankfully her nightmares that night were limited.  Doesn’t a little fear teach us all?

I think that the moment that sold me on the whole movie was when Norman was arguing with his dad and disgusted demands of his mother “Why is he so scared of me? and she replied “He isn’t scared of you.  He is scared for you.”  That sums up so much of what being a parent is all about for me.  It is not that you are different,  it is what happens when other people see you being different.  Often, not pretty and in kids, rather unfiltered by the fear of human rights legislation or workplace norms or any of the other things that keep adults from acting like animals.  We always want to protect our kids but do they always understand why?  No.  And helping them understand why we do things is to try and teach lessons that they can only understand by living themselves.

I think it is harder to stand back and support.  Scarier too.