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IMTA Log: Day Five – Awards Dinner

The end has finally come.  The last event of IMTA NYC 2013.  It will be the first time we’ve actually had a proper dinner since we got here and I think the whole agency is starving.  The best thing about having a dinner with models is that no one is fighting for the extra buns on the table.  Here’s to those avoiding carbs.  Our meal was excellent and I have to commend the NY Hilton for a great meal and superior service.  I was impressed that they served 2000 meals and everyone got theirs hot.

Geoffrey Chapman Agency fared very well at the final awards banquet with 3 people winning honourable mentions (top 10 in their categories), 2 scholarships and one top 5 finisher.  Hooray for George, Riley, Milo, JoAnne, Nick and Melinda for their achievements.  Here are some photos.


Steve and Nick discuss the best route to storm the stage.


Melissa floats along the red carpet.


Milo and my wife pose with the winner of the “who’s our next daddy” competition – Justin.


Melinda off to LA with a full scholarship to something…

IMG_0499IMG_0495More awards for our group.IMG_0497

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IMTA Log: Day Five – Callbacks

Congratulations to all of us from Geoffrey Chapman Agency.  Everyone in our group got some callbacks from agents and managers.  Riley got the most with something like 28 callbacks and Milo had a very respectable 13.  His callbacks were mostly in the talent category and a split between NYC and LA based agents.  Wonder what a callback is like?  Imagine about 1000 people in a large room full of tables.  It’s hot.  Most tables have line ups of between 3 and 200 people all waiting to see that very desirable agent or manager.  Then you basically start to speed date.  Some have forms to fill out, some want to see you act out a scene or a monologue, some need you to sing.  The NY agents/managers tended to be the owners or presidents of the firms while the LA reps were just that.

I’ve got to say that everyone was very polite and tried to keep things moving as much as possible.  Most of Milo’s best responses were from NYC based agents so we’ll have quite a bit of work following up once we get home.

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IMTA Log: Day One

Here we are:


After a great night’s sleep, got up and hit Starbucks.  I know, I know… that sounds like every other day in my life, but today I got my venti in NYC.  Then we got all dressed in our Geoffrey Chapman red and whites and headed to the Hilton.  We found the other 21 members of our party and waited to get our badges and schedules.

Here we are getting organized and then our group photo:

IMG_0336 IMG_0337














Here are the boys getting ready for action.  Frankie, Justin and Nick.




Group photo by Letterman.


We attended an acting workshop with TJ Stein from LA and then a performing Master Class with Henry Ravelo from NY.  Both were really great at  getting Milo into the groove.  Henry sure made Milo get his dancing shoes on with some fun choreo.

There must be over 2000 models and actors here.  The orientation was wild.  Over the top is the order of the day here.  There must be 10,000 miles of long legs on display and enough spike heels to build a railway to Alaska.

We were so pumped to see that Milo made it through to the preliminary singing competition.  He kept everyone around him amused waiting for his turn.  For him, nerves lead to endless chatting.  It’s a good thing people like to be around him.  Milo was very confident coming out of his closed set session.  All of our fingers are crossed.

So much to see and do.  Tomorrow holds endless new opportunities.

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Snapshots of a Photo Shoot

We’re gearing up for a big trip to New York City so that Milo can participate in the International Models and Talent Association (IMTA) competition in July.  That has meant extra acting classes and the need to update the shots in his portfolio.  Last Saturday, the agency brought a great photographer in from Michigan to do a photo shoot.  You’ve already seen the chilling picture I posted about doing Milo’s ironing so you can imagine the preparation needed.  It was the first time I got to attend a shoot as Milo did his last shoot with his mom.  We had a great day.  It was fascinating to see how Milo’s agent put clothes together to create a look and then worked with the hair and makeup stylist to create a whole image.  There were quite a few models around also getting looks put together and the whole atmosphere was pretty festive.  I’m continually impressed with what the agency pulls off but there were some great moments that stood out that day.  One of the models was doing a construction worker look with cut off jeans and a sleeveless jean jacket and doesn’t Geoff pull out a pair of 5″ stiletto heeled work boots.  Awesome.  I wish I took a picture of those boots.  I certainly enjoyed the discussion about which pair of boots looked best with another model’s little black dress.  It’s pretty cool how a pair of boots changes the whole impact of a look.  Grommets, no grommets, shiny or dull, cork heel or platform.  It’s more work than it seems.

Milo got to shoot classic head shots in a solid blue top, green pants combo.  There was a slick looking look with a purple dress shirt and a green tie.  Then he moved into some artistic looks.  The 1920’s newsboy tough and the jaded punk looks I got some pictures of.

Without further ado… here are some shots I took with my phone while on location.

Niagara_Falls-20130504-00033 Niagara_Falls-20130504-00034Niagara Falls-20130504-00039 Niagara Falls-20130504-00035 Niagara Falls-20130504-00036

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A Parent’s Review of a Fashion Fundraiser

Milo’s modeling/talent agency participates in an annual fund raising event put on my Club Roma here in the Niagara area.  It was pretty exciting that Milo was chosen to be one of the kids in the show.  So of course as good parents, we bought tickets for Maya and ourselves to attend.  I’ve got to say that I have no problem dropping $150.00 to support breast cancer screening but I can’t help but think that we made out like bandits.  It was one of the most exciting evenings I’ve spent in a long time.

The Geoffrey Chapman Agency brought out 65 models, including about 20 kids aging from infants to teens, and put on an incredibly edgy and entertaining show.  They used acrobats to walk amongst the models, flipping, jumping and even walking on their hands all the while holding signs identifying the shops that sponsored the show.  I had dropped Milo off about 1 in the afternoon and the show began just after 9pm.  They must have practiced for hours and it really showed because I couldn’t see a single misstep.  How they ever sat on 20 kids and another 45 models for 8 hours I have not idea.  I don’t like to sit on my 2 kids for even half an hour!

The meal was really superior.  It started with a traditional antipasto plate, then fresh made lasagna.  This was followed by a super stuffed chicken breast, rosemary roasted potatoes and a tossed greens salad.  The dessert was red velvet cake – which I didn’t know had cream cheese icing until I took that first succulent bite.  I ate it all and some of Maya’s.  And I hate dessert generally.

It would not be right to finish without some praise for Maya.  She sat and ate through a 3 hour dinner with no fuss.  It was an amazing feat for a 5 year old and I didn’t mind the 27 trips to the bathroom.  The exercise helped work off some of the cake.

Here’s a photo of Milo on the catwalk.